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Aviation APPS (for Apple) by Earle Robinson

Generally these apps are all described on the Apple website and each app comes with its own built-in guide (instructions on how to use it). My goal is to make useful iPhone and iPad apps for aviators and provide them widely and cheaply through Apple so pilots can do amazing things in the cockpit without having to invest in the expensive big boy toys. These apps each do a lot for a very low price. NOTE: If the pilots can provide me with their , I may upgrade these apps to add new features, fix bugs or provide other apps which may be useful.

All of my current apps can be found here. You can also check the bottom left of any of the iTunes pages for more of my aviation apps.

This is a very powerful map planning tool which quickly calculates details for you on distances and headings from waypoint to waypoint. You can create your own waypoints and keep them in your device without using the internet databases. It is simple to do and functions completely without needing internet access. You can also create your own flight waypoints and display the route on a single screen. iTunes link

WB Pal
this app is a weight and balance program that takes the work out of those pesky WB calculations. Simply enter the details for your specific aircraft then ad the weights of baggage, passengers and fuel. The results are automatically calculated and displayed in your screen for your starting C of G and your end of flight C of G. Very simple.. iTunes link

A simple flight recorder app which keeps track of engine time and air time for each flight. Just press the correct button when you start your engine, takeoff, land and stop your engine. It keeps track of the times and will let you log them directly for later access if you initiate another leg. Very useful and saves the sticky notes on the windshield. iTunes link

Pilot Checklist
This app has a voice synthesizer built-in so the pilot can listen to the individual checklists in the headphones without fumbling with paper. All checklists are fully configurable and are actually initially created by the pilot to match their aircraft of choice. The lists are editable as well so you can optimize them for your own use. iTunes link

An app that provides a complex calculation to determine your actual magnetic declination anywhere of the planet, and its free! It simply duplicates the complex World Magnetic Model (WMM) calculations. NOAA has a tool which is available over the internet at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website here. When you are flying you likely do not have access to the internet so this app is fully self contained to do the same job. By the way, the 2015 WMM calculations are built-in to the the GPS WIZ app so it will calculate your distance and headings to each waypoint the same as the more complex and expensive GPS equipment. It really works well and is very accurate. iTunes link

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